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when you get past the point where you were intended to upgrade to it really feels like you made a deal with the devil, sold your soul for power mortals really shouldn't have.

the goat here has an uncanny resemblance to the goat in goatwrath, perhaps they are both part of a species that sustains on life essence? maybe that's why goatwrath is about holding back your evil urges.

Nice catch! It's was actually meant to be the same goat as the one you play as, but a bit older. Whether this is the same universe or an alternate one, I'm not sure about

so what ending? i assume the one where he eats everyone by the appearance.

so how much life essence do i need to beat the game?

I never made an ending for it, this was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare, people who play and rate aren't expected to play the game for much more than a couple minutes anyway

so that means the goat lied to him? promising an end to the aggressive creatures while the hero endlessly slaves away bringing him souls, i wish i could have a scam that profitable.


Fun game, movement felt fluid though combat felt slightly clunky at times, I found that dashing was a lot more powerful than normal combat (which wasn't really a bad thing as I felt only dashing made combat feel a lot smoother and more skill based) so you might want to consider doing some balancing when it comes to normal combat (I'd suggest upping the default attack range).

The game was very bug free and the enemies well balanced. I did find a bug where you could dash onto the lake and get stuck, however dashing again seemed to fix this. Also as a final note I'd suggest upping the hitbox of the rocket giants as it felt as if only their feet could take damage, I'm unsure if this was intentional or not though I often felt as if I was missing dashes which should have hit against them.

Overall I enjoyed Heart Of Gold and I plan to play more.