This is a reworked version of Goatwrath, based on the feedback I got on the game.

Added - Music (Made by, made the game easier to beat, more clear descriptions for the sacrifice function and a bug warning message.


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little modification to the good ending, sorry that i didn't take the time to make it neat.

plot twist for the good ending, as celebration for killing all the evil monsters without eating any of his loved ones, he decided to have a dinner,composed of mutton and wolf meat.

also the early game gets tedious after i die to the boss a couple times, i think it would be better if i had like a save point i could use at any time.

Fair point, it's supposed to be similar to Binding of Isaac (if you die you have to restart) however Isaac is a lot less annoying since it's procedurally generated and this isn't

would be cool if there was a way to earn extra gold, maybe like a no hit bonus or something, it would make beating the game without eating alot easier.


really cool game! The graphics are well done and I really like the idea of sacrificing your friends for health and stuff. nice work!